It would be a privilege to provide my services on your special Wedding Day. I am an Authorised Marriage Celebrant and I am committed to ensuring your  ceremony is memorable and meaningful.

Being an authorised marriage Celebrant allows me to conduct marriages anywhere in Australia. Whether your ceremony is in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne or on the Gold Coast, we will work together to ensure your ceremony is light hearted and suits you as a couple.

The Ceremony

Your ceremony should reflect who you are. It can be fun, light, semi formal, casual, private, short or long; this is your special day so the sky is the limit. There are many different types of ceremonies to celebrate your marriage; from having a traditional ceremony to having a themed ceremony.

As your Celebrant I will provide a variety of ceremony samples to start you thinking about your ceremony, you can mix and match or I can help you write your very own special ceremony. I will write a ceremony that reflects your life and relationship.

I really love getting to know all my couples on a personal level, this is so important so that when I write your ceremony, not only is it about you, your guests feeling that warmth of your relationship. I want your guests walking away saying “OMG that was really them”, ” That was an awesome ceremony”.

All Celebrants have the pleasure of marrying people, we were also there to ensure that the Ceremony is conducted lawfully, as Celebrants our personalities are what set our Celebrant style. I am a relaxed and light hearted celebrant. I live a bubbly life with my own little family and this shines through the ceremonies I perform. I work closely with couples to ensure that their ceremony is about them and suits their personalities.

The Venue

The benefit of selecting a Marriage Celebrant for your wedding is that you are not restricted to where your wedding can take place. Weddings can take place
anywhere, anytime; you could have your ceremony at a chapel, in a park, at the beach, on a farm, in your back yard, lakes, vineyards and lots more. Where ever you select for your venue I will endeavor to make sure your ceremony is perfect for this location. I can also provide a list of venues in the area for your ceremony.

Legal aspects

  • Under the Marriage Act 1961 there are certain obligations as a couple
    intending to get married that you must meet prior to a marriage
    ceremony proceeding. I will be there to guide you through the whole
  • A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) needs to be lodged with me no
    more than eighteen months and no less than one month prior to your
    wedding date. I will provide this form to you or you can obtain one from
  • You will be required to organise two witnesses that will sign the register
    and who are both over 18 years of age.
  • Under no circumstances and 2 people under the age of 18 marry.
  • I will need to sight certain documentation before the marriage can take
    place. I need to sight your original birth certificate or passport. If using
    your birth certificate, photo identification is also required.
  • If either party has been previously married, you must provide me with
    evidence of the termination in the form Certificate of Divorce or
    equivalent (if divorced) or a full Death Certificate (if widowed).
  • Under the Marriage Act 1961 prior to your wedding both of you will be
    required to sign a declaration, stating that you believe there is no legal
    impediment to the marriage between yourself and your partner.
  • And of course the official paperwork that will be signed by you, your witness and I on the day of your wedding.

It might sound like a lot to do, I have been doing this for over 10 years now and I have your back. Let me worry about the legalities and you plan the rest of the day.

What do my clients receive

I have been a Celebrant for over 10 years, with experience marrying hundreds of couples, with all different types of ceremonies. Through this time one thing I have learned is that every couple I work with are different, its so important that I get to know you so we can plan your wedding.

Here are a few important things below that you will receive when you book me are your Celebrant:

  • Assisting you to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form.
  • Resource booklet to help you with vows, readings, rituals and the like.
  • All Correspondence from the day you book through till after your
    wedding. Emails, texts, calls, facey messages….thats all included.
  • Face to face meetings…..lets have a coffee or a wine and talk all
    things wedding.
  • Signing table and chair (optional)
  • PA System (if needed for your venue)
  • Rehearsal if you want one, I do this for a living so ill leave it up to you.
  • Approval of the ceremony if you would like to see it before hand
  • The day of the Ceremony and ensuring it is amazing.
  • Registration of the marriage with Births Deaths and Marriages.
  • OH, last but not least, my smile in your wedding photos, I will bring this on the day with me.

About now your thinking, just tell me your fee is. Well my fee will depend on the location of your wedding, if you would like a quote or an obligation free chat lets connect. Don’t forget my smile and personality are FREE of charge.