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We as celebrants all have the pleasure of marring lucky couples. Although we are all registered by the Government and are required to follow the same Marriage Act and Guidelines we are all different. I am always open and honest with couples to ensure they pick the right celebrant for them and their wedding. Some weddings are formal, relaxed, traditional, casual, fun, different and so on.  It is so important to choose a celebrant that will fit in with your special day.

I am a light hearted, relaxed and modern celebrant, I bring a light and uplifting touch to your ceremony. I like to make your guests giggle, you and  everyone to be relaxed, feel moved by your love for each other and enjoy your ceremony. I work with my couples to ensure that their wedding ceremony is THEM and it suits their relationship. Yes, I do ask questions about your personal life(not too deep) to ensure that I am creating a ceremony that reflects you as individuals and your relationship.

Picking the right celebrant can be hard and a difficult choice. As I tell my couples, go with your gut feeling. Some celebrants are dearer or cheaper, we all do things differently, so ensure that you don’t cut costs on one of the most important parts of your day where you be come Husband and Wife.

Id love to meet you and if im the right celebrant for your special day then it will be light, relaxed and memorable.